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Get to a solid 10% Catroulette ratio, I'm sold

So by now, you’ve probably heard of or tried out this newfangled ChatRoulette that everyone is ranting and raving about. I myself have yet to participate, mainly due to my perv and griefer aversions. The prospect of being wildly amused by inebriated and herbally enlightened gentlefolk in a variety of dorm room locales is tempting, as is the possibility of meeting a furry representative from the rapidly expanding cat community that has taken so kindly to the service. The rather likely encounters with “SHOW UR BOOBS TO SAVE THE WORLD” signs and individuals enjoying carnal delights with vegetation and stuffed animals, on the other hand, are not at all appealing.

This video is a charming (mostly) SFW introduction to the bizarre, outrageously popular  (at least for now) ChatRoulette phenomenon. For a more in depth first-hand account complete with insightful social commentary, check out Sam Anderson’s well written essay.

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