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Etsy Treasury East: I Can Haz Internets

I gathered up some of my favorite Interwebs related Etsy items and gave the Treasury East beta a try today. It was a snap to pop in listings and arrange them by dragging/dropping. I really like that Treasury East lets you create as many lists as you want and they never expire. Hopefully this is […]

Pets + Mullet + Mohawk = WIN

Please accept this awesome painting by Sam Causon as my apology for not posting during the past week (we were on a mini vacay with out-of-town visitors). Surely the dog mullet alone is enough to make up for my absence. The cat hawk is just gravy. Prints are available in Sam’s Etsy shop.

Obligatory Acknowledgment of Today's Date

Finding geeky references to Mary Jane was surprisingly challenging. Flickr pulled through and provided a few nuggets (so to speak). Honorable mention: this motivational style poster featuring Captain Picard.

Morning Still Life via stephenfalk @ Flickr

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