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Hey Kid, I'm a Computer

As some of the grand daddy’s of meme-dom, the GI Joe PSA parody videos have aged better than you’d think. This is but one NSFW example from the collection, all of which can be found mirrored by a host of YouTube accounts and video clip sites rather easily (much to Hasbro’s chagrin).

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This Sums Up My Weekend

Happy Duck Goose Bird has the right idea. It’s ok to just be happy sometimes. No sarcasm or witty commentary required.

My life has recently involved growlers of beer from Tri City Brewing Company, vinyl from Wazoo Records, and a healthy dose of fresh air while strolling around downtown Ann Arbor. All […]

Dance The Robot? I'll Do You One Better

I’m back from the dead and I’ve brought dancing robots with me. Enjoy.