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Yours TrulyI’m a lifelong geek, plain and simple. All things nerd fascinate me and it’s that obsession that serves as the general focus of this blog.

I enjoy sharing content across a range of topics and am always expanding my areas of interest. I regularly explore video games, computers, technology, The Interwebs, gadgets, astronomy, philosophy, and myriad other aspects of geek culture. Most assuredly, I’ll wander off topic from time to time so bear with me.

In addition to my geeky tendencies, I’ve always been drawn to the creative process and have experimented with many forms of it over the years. I’ve gone from drawing to design, technical writing to origami, proofreading to coding, with many stops in between. My strongest ties have always been to writing and paper crafts, which I love utilizing as I blog and create my shop offerings.

I’ve been fortunate enough to find a like-minded mate who lovingly supports and encourages my geeky habits. My husband Josh is a graphic artist, musician, and the audio engineer/producer of Random Awesome! Recording Studio. We met online back in the day, before there were dating sites and Skype. IRC was our lifeline, nurturing the close friendship that formed the solid foundation of our rad life together IRL.

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