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Better Late Than Never, CDC


Despite zombies being so 2000 and late, the CDC got in on the hot undead action recently with this informative post about Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness 101. According to the post, “If zombies did start roaming the streets, CDC would conduct an investigation much like any other disease outbreak.” Consider yourselves comforted by the status quo, uninfected ones!

Zombies Ate My Free Time

I’m not dead, just very busy being a bad blogger. The holidays are rapidly approaching, which means seasonal sales will soon be in full swing. Shop prep has taken priority, and the little free time I’ve had recently has been consumed by Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising 2. Sorry – customers and zombies (they’re different I swear :P) are more important right now than writing up witty blog posts or linking to Internet lulz.

Until I return, here’s something to tide you over. Just pretend I posted one of ’em each day.