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D&D Jones Spellcasting Soda

Jones may have some catching up to do with Mountain Dew (gamer-wooing Halo and WoW soda variables were already a hit), but better late than never. The Jones limited edition D&D Spellcasting Sodas are totally badass and should be purchased by all gamers on principle alone. Bonus geek points for the Potion of Healing flavor’s sugar free formula.

My primary experience with Jones specialty soda flavors has been limited to their Thanksgiving packs, which usually end up being punishment shots during drinking games. These might actually be tasty, as long as references to brain juice don’t throw off your palate.

Dungeons & Dragons Jones Spellcasting Soda

Happy Easter!

'Peeps PacMan' via Independentmail.com's Peep artwork finalists

Coming Soon: New Heartburn Options Between Fourthmeal and Lunch

I’ve been predicting this for years and must admit I’m surprised it has taken so long. Taco Bell¬† has begun rolling out its upcoming breakfast menu at a few test locations. Not only will we be able to get eggy cheesy goodness in all manner of burrito form, but the menu will also include select Cinnabon, Dole,¬† and Jimmy Dean Sausage offerings. Bacon & egg taco, where have you been all my life!?