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Etsy Treasury East: Unexpectedly Undead

I’ve got another Treasury East up, this one a tad more rotten than the last. Unexpectedly Undead is a collection of zombifications you probably wouldn’t predict. Well if you are some sort of zombie expert then maybe you would see these coming, know-it-all.

DIY Atari Lamp 3.0 FTW

This finely constructed lamp is the work of one Cebus Capucinis. More details and pics are available in a thread over at the Atari Age.com forums.

D&D Jones Spellcasting Soda

Jones may have some catching up to do with Mountain Dew (gamer-wooing Halo and WoW soda variables were already a hit), but better late than never. The Jones limited edition D&D Spellcasting Sodas are totally badass and should be purchased by all gamers on principle alone. Bonus geek points for the Potion of Healing flavor’s sugar free formula.

My primary experience with Jones specialty soda flavors has been limited to their Thanksgiving packs, which usually end up being punishment shots during drinking games. These might actually be tasty, as long as references to brain juice don’t throw off your palate.

Dungeons & Dragons Jones Spellcasting Soda