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Hello 2011

Happy New Year to you, Internets! 2010 totally ruled. It was full of growth, change, and challenges that were all well needed. I have to go all mushy for a moment and express how thankful I am for all the awesome surrounding me. My loving husband, family, friends, customers, and many other supporters make it all possible. Here’s to another great geeky year in 2011!

Obligatory Promotional Holiday Post

Holiday shopping madness is now fully in swing, and I’m pleased to report that sales have been keeping me very busy. Please feel free to browse my storefronts if you’re shopping for geeklings this holiday season. Now until Tuesday, I’m offering 10% off – which means tons of nerdy stocking stuffers under $5.

Artfire – Everything in my studio is marked 10% off

Etsy – Use coupon code HOLIDAY10 during checkout to save 10%

Happy Heart Day, Geeks

What better way is there to tell that someone special you care than with a nerd reference, delivered by the smartass masters at someecards? Enjoy.

A Valentine for all the Apple fan boys and girls, courtesy of http://www.someecards.com/