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Want Want Want

She Loves To Run

I so want this to be real.

Blog Fail

Yeesh, how is it April already?! 2011 has been keeping me crazy busy, but I really hope to find more time to update this pathetic excuse for a blog soon. Even if that means half-assing it and just adding links to other crap I didn’t come up with but kind of love. I sure as shit better get around to updating semi-regularly before November, because once Saints Row: The Third and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are released I doubt I’ll even bother to shower regularly, let alone make time to post here.

Zombies Ate My Free Time

I’m not dead, just very busy being a bad blogger. The holidays are rapidly approaching, which means seasonal sales will soon be in full swing. Shop prep has taken priority, and the little free time I’ve had recently has been consumed by Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising 2. Sorry – customers and zombies (they’re different I swear :P) are more important right now than writing up witty blog posts or linking to Internet lulz.

Until I return, here’s something to tide you over. Just pretend I posted one of ’em each day.